Saturday, January 31, 2009

JCMS Cheerleaders

This is the project I have completed for the JCMS Cheerleaders. It is a wall hanging with an autograph and/or photo book that fits in the pocket on the back. Be sure to click the photos for a larger version in order to see the details of the project. I hope the cheerleaders will like them!


Stella said...

WOW! These look FANTASTIC!!! I'm sure they will LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, You know I think everything you do is wonderful, but after viewing your website..WoW! You are dripping with talent and creativity. I know I am a novice at scrapbooking, but I think you are the best!! Tara

latoya said...

hey tammy,
i just love everything you do and i can't wait till we get to have some classes again so i can show you all the cool stuff being on bed rest has brought out in me..
after i met you i think my creative side has grown so much just by see all you thank you so much.

cindy said...

I am going to try a simalar idea for a baby announcement! Great Idea! I am sure the cheerleaders loved it!